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'Ray' from Mino's Gravity Overthrown! - VDMX - AE - C4D - Z-vector - Ableton Live from Le Mino on Vimeo.


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  • It was a visual experience and an audial experience that was unlike anything I'd seen done before -Michael with PNN Media Group

  • They show their true professionalism and positive energy both on and off the stage Allen- Interfusion Television

    They should take this show to Mexico- they would love you guys there. -DJ David

    Dope visuals with -MaDiDi

MINO- EDM MUSIC and 3D Projection Mapping in Brooklyn, NYC

Mino is a visionary electronics’ artist from France, well known in NY and Paris as a talented composer, trained as jazz pianist and an electronics technical genius. He has now melded music and 3D projection mapping architecture which transform dance, animations and an electronic dance vibe creating a journey through time, truth and myth, while mesmerizing the audience. The live performance of Gravity Overthrown evolves beyond the traditional club experience. A hybrid of interactive cinema and a concert in which sound determines a narrative, the live show morphs existing and emerging technologies (3D animation, projection mapping, live music and dance) into new contexts.

Projection mapping was configured to narrate the musical performance of the show during which music interacts with animation on a geometric, 82 sided sculptured canvas. The dance music couples with the kinetic movement of the visuals to effectively envelope the audience with a stimulating experience. Individuals interpret and transform the sensory onslaught into a truly personal experience. The result is to overwhelm the senses. Gravity Overthrown has reshaped Mino’s audiences’ expectations of electronic music from NYC to Paris. The Show received acclaim from audience members as a style that will be “most used in the future for audio visual performance.” Mino plays solo or with other musicians permitting improvisation, something not done often in DJ performance. Each live show is a unique, emotional experience connecting audience the and artist.

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