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French-born MINO first emerged in Paris in 2003. Composing for his self-produced, traveling Hip Hop Soul Band, he has performed in popular clubs in Paris and NYC.  His first album Go Home was released in 2012. Gravity Overthrown followed, paving the way for a whole new sound in solo electronic music production and giving birth to the Electronic Dance Movement (EDM) for his audiences. His multimedia performances use sensors that connect to MINO’s database of original animations. All of this is projected onto a backdrop using 3D mapping and infrared technology to animate dancers and musicians. MINO has a reputation for musical ingenuity that is unconfined by genre and is one of the most visionary electronic artists from France.

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Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY


Gravity Overthrown

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Technology has become so integrated into our work, making it necessary to develop a large array of skills. Our group can meet your needs in the following domains.

  • Ableton live
  • vdmx
  • AE & cinema 4D
  • Z-Vector
  • HTML / JAva / CSS
  • Composition


  • Gravity Overthrown (the album) Gravity Overthrown is an experiment in synthesizing originally recorded samples on: the piano, the organ, the drums and vocals while inserting analog effects to transform these sounds into unique instruments of tonality. From MINO's extensive experience in musical performance, Gravity Overthrown, offers a new approach to live music production. MINO can play solo or with other musicians permitting improvisation, making each night a live and unique emotional experience connecting the audience and artist.  This contrast is central to the album and represents a pivotal moment in MINO's personal musical development.

  • Gravity Overthrown (The Show) Gravity Overthrown is a hybrid of interactive cinema and a concert experience in which sound determines a narrative. Much like the album, the live show adapted existing and emerging technologies into new contexts. Projection mapping, which had largely been the domain of corporate visual showcases, was configured to narrate the musical performance of an entire album. Sensors within the drums, piano and vocals create interactive displays projected onto a ten foot, geometric, canvas structure on to which a story was told as an audio reactive, The kinetic movement of the three dimensional visual and audio interpretation of the music being played, allows the viewer to interpret and transform the sensory…….. into new dance movements.

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