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Mino is a visionary electronics’ artist from France, well known in NY and Paris for his wide range of productions. He has now melded his beats with 3D projection mapping meaning each concert is also a cinematic experience. MINO has performed in California, Georgia, Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, NYC and Brooklyn in places like: NuBlu, The Pyramid Club, The Alphabet Lounge, Hail Hail, Kings County Saloon, and the Lit Lounge.

SICK VISUALS for any event. Animated Dancers, along with original film and animation is projected onto the 82 sided sculpture. This is way more intense than a good light show and makes every event something to remember. The Show received acclaim from audience members as a style that will be “most used in the future for audio visual performance.”

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Testimonials for MINO's EDM in NYC!

  • When you book them, fly us out so we can watch.

    CHRON, #14 Billboard EDM Artists
  • Mino was absolutely incredible. I will always wanna see where mino is.

    Allen Edwards, President PNN Media
  • It was DOPE, real music mixed with EDM! I like how they mixed a lot of rap with some DOPE lyrics, some DOPE effects, some DOPE drops!

    Josh Rodriguez, Producer Zeta Empire Productions
  • It was definitely spot on, and it was not only the audio experience but the visual experience that lead everything to be what it was

    Brian Michaels, Owner Michaelz Media
  • I never saw anyone do what they did before. They did everything, from dub step to hip hop to rap and it was all original music... they killed it, they did their thing, it was awesome. It was really original.

    MadiDi, singer NYC
  • They are KILLER. I think they should tour with this, I can imagine it on a huge screen,they’re gonna kill it, I love 'em.

    DJ David Seyer, Music Producer
  • Great video production that goes along with their DJ set. They are a really great couple. I highly recommend them.

    CJ, Sound Engineer Interfusion Music Summit
  • It was high energy, it was back to back it was beat to beat, it was right on point and everything just blended so well

    Brian Michaels, Owner Michaelz Media

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